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2018 Pricing

Our Sakura session collection for 2018

Our Sakura session collection for 2018

*Now Booking Cherry Blossom mini sessions*

Here are the details about our Sakura mini sessions and how it’ll work! 😊
There is still spots available as of right now for sakura minis, but there are only 10 spots total this year. So message us to get your invoice paid if you want to secure a spot!

** Right now the estimated dates are (which are subjected to change depending on the blossoms):
March 30th in the afternoon
March 31st in the morning & afternoon
April 2nd and/or April 4th time TBD

*** As for Locations, we are planning on one day on main base, one day on ikego & a day or 2 off base.

Please note that the payment for mini sessions are non-refundable. And you’ll need to be flexible with the schedule as we can not plan a set time/date until the cherry flowers bloom; and there are a chance that they might fall off before the session due to bad weather; in that case, you may reschedule for a different themed mini sessions we offer this year (such as Mother’s day mini/Father’s day mini, or our lovely wisteria/hydrangeas flower minis)

After you paid your invoice, I’ll add everyone into a group or private event and when we announce the set date/time/location options, there will be a sign up sheet for everyone to choose the time/locations they prefer, and it is First come first serve among booked clients.

Now if you agree with all of our terms, Please provide us your email via messenger so I can send you the invoice to secure your spot!