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About the Studio

Memorable Wandering Studio

is a CFAY approved business.

We strive to help you capture those Memorable moments you don't want to miss in life. 

We operate in Yokosuka Naval Base, Ikego & the surrounding area. 

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About the Artist/ Photographer:

Hello, I am Mina.

I currently live in Kanagawa, Japan.

I am a wife of a U.S. Active Duty Navy Sailor

(who is stationed in Yokosuka Naval Base) ,

and I am also a mother of 2 wild kids.

I started my photography journey in 2014,

after my youngest child was born. 

I was always passionate about all forms of Art since I was a child,

from craft, drawing, painting to design.

After becoming a mother,

I was even more obsessed of taking photos of everything: 

photos of my Family, food, places I've been to, flowers on the road... all sorts of photos.

I love documenting my life with my camera,

for me, a picture can mean more than a thousand words,

it captures a moment frozen in time

so it can take us back to that moment no matter how many years down the road,

and it can tell a story to our children's children one day.  

Time flies by,

our children are growing up (too) fast,

(Military) life is taking us to so many different places,

people come and go in our lives,

and so many events & milestones are always happening.

I want to help you capture those moments.

So you may preserve those

memorable memories forever.